How to copy files via terminal?
  easystem   20 Februari 2018   Tutorial

1) By using -i for interactive you will be asked if you would like to replace the file:

cp -i /home/levan/kdenlive/untitelds.mpg /media/sda3/SkyDrive/

or you can use -b to create a backup of your file:

cp -b /home/levan/kdenlive/untitelds.mpg /media/sda3/SkyDrive


2) Same as the above:

cp (-i or -b) /media/sda3/SkyDrive/untitelds.mpg /home/levan/kdenlive


3) Use -R for recursive and -i for interactive:

cp -Ri ~/MyFolder /sda3/


4) This last one can be done via the mv command, move is like cutting:

mv -i ~/MyFile ~/OtherFolder/MyFile

if you want to move a directory, use:

mv -Ri ~/MyDirectory ~/OtherDirectory/

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