Ubuntu Cannot Ping Domain
  easystem   18 Maret 2019   fix error

Create a file called /etc/resolv.conf write fill in the contents:


For example if your want to use googles dns-service:


This is likely caused by DHCP configuration when you first installed Ubuntu. Try this 3-step process to handle this auto configuration issue.


Edit your interface configuration, which is located in: /etc/network/interfaces

Add this line below iface lo inet loopback:

dns-nameservers yourdns youraltdns

As an example for Google DNS, you may want to use this:



Edit your DHCP configuration file, located at:


Mark the syntax as a comment using # on every line or simply remove every request name-server. In 16.04, you may not be required to make any changes here.


Restart your networking by using this command :

/etc/init.d/networking restart

In 16.04:

sudo ifdown -a
sudo ifup -a

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