Cara Automatic Hapus File Session PHP

Use “df -i” command to view inodes usage: Filesystem Inodes IUsed IFree IUse% Mounted on /dev/sda2 1310720 1310720 0 100% / That means you ran out of inodes! Most probably PHP sessions are the issue. A quick command to delete all sess_* files on /var/lib/php/sessions is this: find /var/lib/php/sessions -type f -cmin +24 -name "sess_*" -exec rm -f {} \; But I would recommend you to use a bash script, keep reading below: On your PHP.ini file ...

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Clear systemd journal

On any server, the logs can start to add up and take considerable amount of disk space. Systemd conveniently stores these in /var/log/journal and has a systemctl command to help clear them. Take this example: $ du -hs /var/log/journal/ 4.1G /var/log/journal/ 4.1GB worth of journal files, with the oldest dating back over 2 months. $ ls -lath /var/log/journal/*/ | tail -n 2 -rw-r-x---+ 1 root systemd-journal 8.0M Dec 24 05:15 user-xxx.journal On this server, I really don't ne ...

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Cara Menghapus Seluruh File Dalam Folder di Ubuntu

Dalam Kasus ingin membersihkan file sampah di tmp,log dll perlu sekali perintah dibawah ini agar tidak hapus satu persatu   rm -rf /namafolder/*Jika Perintah diatas gagal karena filenya terlalu banyak dengan error seperti dibawah ini-bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too longMaka solusinya adalah gunakan perintah dibawah inisudo find . -name 'nama_file*'| xargs rm ...

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